Friday, October 23, 2009


Here is my final render (I hope) for the first assignment in the Intro to 3D Graphics class I'm taking:


Made using Maya 2010 and rendered with Renderman. It still has a lot of things that could be improved but I need to focus on other assignments now.

Intro to Photo

So my first block Intro to Photo class just ended on Tuesday. Here are the photos I was graded on for the four main projects:


Light and Shadow

My sister's cat, Roxy. Taken when I went home for the weekend to attend my friend's wedding.


This and the light bulb were taken in the apartment of a girl I home teach. She was gracious enough to let me photograph her for a couple of projects. Thanks Jessica!
The knives are actually the colors shown and they are very cruel. Two of the three girls in their apartment were cut by their unreasonably sharp edges.


Though I didn't take this picture i did make this picture. Thanks to Kekoa for shooting this for me! I was trying to say something about how I feel about my school experience out here in Utah. I think of it as an adventure so I wanted to portray myself as though I were a comic book character having an average day for a comic book character. Was I successful?

I loved this class! My professor, Val Brinkerhoff was awesome. I got "A"s and "A" minuses on three of these four photos . Try to guess which one I got a "B" on.

First Post

This my first blog. I made it to show my schoolwork and personal art projects to my family and friends. If you don't like it... I will do better next time. 
Here is a self portrait: