Monday, January 2, 2012

Goats Eat Anything

 This was for a girl at the school my friend Reyna works at. It was her birthday and she likes goats and chicks. Voila!


Drawing Final

This is my final for Joe's drawing class. The theme was "the salty mermaid gang of sausage flats". I decided that sausage flats would be an apartment complex in a bad part of London during the 80's and that the gang would be mermaid-man punks who listen to the Sex Pistols and The Clash.

Warrior Robot

Urban art-toy design for Joe's class. The theme was "warrior robot". I imagine the the arms would be bendy.

Gun Girl


Midterm for Joe's drawing class. We had to design an urban art-toy. It's the Spanish boogeyman as a high-school jock.

Drug Alley

You Dirty Rat!

Caricature assignment for Joe Olsen's drawing class. Theme was "Dead Celebrity".

Character Design Final


Typical villain for Ryan's character design class.


This is a caricature of my friend, Reyna. This is how she looks when she gets real excited about something. Often, she'll shout her catch phrase, "YEAH YEAH YEAH!"
I wanted to try for the paper cut-out look (being inspired by Sam Bragg and Brittney Lee).
And (being inspired by Scott) I wanted to try using only the hard lasso tool for shapes.
Here is a real picture of her wherein she is looking happily at the image I made of her:

Mr. Teamboat Willie


I did this back in October and just never posted it til just now.