Friday, October 22, 2010

The Mayor of Candytown

I'm in Sam Nielson's digital painting class this semester. Here is the project I turned in most recently. I did it in Photoshop.
The original line-work was done by Sam.

Pluma Fantástica

I heart this pen!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Heroes & Villains

For this project in Ryan's character design class we had to turn in four drawings: Two heroes and two villains. One of each had to be stereotypical and the others, non-stereotypical.

Self Caricatures

For our fourth project in Ryan's character design class we had to character ourselves in a variety of different expressions. We had to include happy, sad, frightened, psycho, and confused. I also drew one without expression for a starting reference. Whadaya think?

Everyone in class referred to the last one as "the gay one." I was going for "confused." I guess "sexually confused" still  counts. Right?


 For our fourth project in character design we had to caricature celebrities. I went a little more obscure than Ryan wanted us to but I think most of the class recognized who I was drawing. Can you tell? If not, then I screwed up. I think I definitely could have done better on the first image here. I might post a revision sometime.