Friday, February 12, 2010

I have Special Problems!

These are some of the projects I've turned in so far in Joe Olson's Drawing for Animation class (technically named VAANM 494R: Special Problems in Animation).

Our subject for this first one was "Beasts of Burden from the craggy peaks of Oppenlander."
Get it?... Beast of Burden.

This was my preliminary in-class exercise for the beasts of burden project.

The second assignment was to create texture swatches using only ink line. I like some of these... Meh.

For this project we were to design an Urban Art Toy. The theme was our personal ancestry. 
This dude is Arab. (I hope that was obvious)

Following is some of the process.

Sketching in Religion class helps keep me awake!

Gotta have a camel just for good measure.

For this next project we were supposed to emulate Charlie Harper (at least in shape) using the theme of South American rain-forest animals.
Joe liked the sloth but hated the tree (only because it actually does suck). 
I will post a revised version later (maybe not).

Also, here's a frog:


  1. I'd buy that Arab toy in a heart beat.
    Lots of fun drawings, Joey.

  2. Nice work.... wait I've already seen all of it.
    Still nice though.

  3. awesome!
    my favorite is the frog! <3