Friday, April 1, 2011

This class is a classy class!

So came up with the concept for this little group project in Experimental Animation class.
The only parameter we had to work with on this project was that we had to use stop-motion.
This class is super fun!
I did the quick flash stuff for the title and the credits myself.

Check out Paul and Morgan's blogs!


  1. haha! gross but funny. I'm glad you didn't actually drink all that. also, I'm glad that you know Paul, he's hilarious.

  2. That class IS way fun--you guys are coming up with all manner of greatness!

  3. that was so gross. but i LOVE those popsicles!

  4. Why would you drink soap??
    I'm afraid I'm missing the artistic meaning and social commentary of arteeeests haha :)

    But I love how your sleeves move up on their own :) Weeee~

  5. That's awesome. and horrible. mostly gross. i'm sure the custodians loved the mess you made. :)

  6. Love this. Love the blog banner, too.