Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Second Project for Character Design Class

For this project we were to sketch clouds, trees, and rocks, for the purpose of learning the natural design flow found in nature. We were then supposed to take the natural design elements found in each of those things and incorporate them into two character designs of our own. I was looking at the curves of  bonsai trees and I kept visualizing serpents. So I drew a snake. With this drawing however, I failed to incorporate the elements of nature to the degree Ryan wanted to see them displayed in this project.

This guy is a pebble-businessman. He is about to miss his bus.


  1. MAN these are so rad. Even if it didn't quite fit the assignment, that snake is fantastic.

  2. If you are a pebble, and you are a pebble businessman, would that be the equivalent of a regular human selling human meat?

    I think they are both very interesting designs! Sorry the snake wasn't enough for Ryan...!

  3. that pebble-businessman tickles my fancy.